Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Baby!!!!

Today is my baby's 10th birthday (isn't she gorgeous?! sorry it is kind of blurry, not quite awake yet!) I just really can't believe that 10 years ago almost exactly, around 11, my water broke while we were getting ready to stroll the mall (all those great tricks to induce labor ;) We spent most of the afternoon watching funny movies and just hanging out, by about 4 I was ready for some pain medication and by 7 I was pushing and there she was at 7:33 pm!! What a great day and I hope I never forget these details or miss getting to see her on this very special day!!!!

This week leading up to it has been kind of tough on me. First thing Monday morning I found out some news about myself that has turned my thinking around a bit about life and how short it could be. So with that in mind I have spent time this week trying to finish stuff up that has been sitting around only partly finished, because WHO knows when our last day will be???? Sorry to get all morbid, especially on such an important day...



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Ginger said...

My sweet girl, I look at you and wonder what we did that you became the wonderful young woman that you are. You have to be careful from now on, but you have a lot of life to live and several wonderful reasons to keep on living.