Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Chris

Today is my 12 year anniversary and this is the card my youngest made for my hubby and I. I think it is a beautiful card and it is so very special because I saw how much she enjoyed making it! She asked as she was making it if I would put it up on my blog and of course I had to say yes!!! I did make a card for my hubby, but I can't put it up yet :)

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, we are getting ready to go to dinner at the Capital Grille in LoDo.


Ginger said...

Tell Emi she did a great job. I have a card for you too, but didn't see you yesterday; sorry.:(

Hev said...

What a terrific card :)
Well done :) Hope you make more and get Mum to put them on her blog :)

Hugs from Australia :)