Monday, July 21, 2008

What a LONG night!!!

Sorry, nothing to post today except to tell you about my wonderfully exciting night! We had dinner, which was SO good! They spoiled us so much with some champagne and too many desserts (which we took home almost all of) and a wonderful steak dinner....yummy! On our way home hubby started to have terrible stomach pains that would not go away and shortly after we got home he started to get sick from the pain. So after about 2 hours of this (some of that was waiting to hear back from the nurse), I could not handle much more and took him to the ER where we stayed until 3am! The Doctor we saw did an ultrasound and believes hubby has gallstones (which we saw at least 4 of on the ultrasound) and should have his gallbladder removed. So, today we have been trying to catch up on the much needed sleep and waiting to hear what our Dr. wants us to do, we assume another ultrasound or maybe an mri or something like that is in order and then who knows!

Thanks for the sweet comments for my DD and her card, she really loved reading them!!!


Pamela Smerker said...

OMG...can you guys live without drama?? Hope all works out ok and that Chris is on the mend soon! That sucks!!

Jenniwren32 said...

Sorry to hear about your rough night. Hope your hubby feels better soon!

By the way I got my blog candy today....Thanks:)))))